Live Score World Cup 2015 Match

Updated on: 25-01-2020 Author: t20-wc-2016

When the matches are played then during the match, the live scorecard is shown on the television screen in one corner or on the bottom of the screen. The main purpose of the live score card is to show the score to the viewers to keep inform about the current score of the team and also show the over number to the viewers, who can compare at the same time, that what is the average of the team at that particular moment.

If any team is batting first, then only its score is shown and the projected score is also shown so that people can understand what will be the expected score. If any team is batting second, then their score with overs are shown on the screen at one corner on top or bottom. The target score is also shown with required and current run rate, so that the viewers can understand what is the current position and which of the team is going to win. With the dramatic change in match, the score card of the team is also changed.

ICC Cricket WC 2015 Matches Live Scorecard

World Cup 2015 Matches
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